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Dr. Zimski Brings Eye Care to El Salvadoran Communities

Updated: Feb 22

Dr. Lauren Zimski recently returned from El Salvador, where she volunteered with Partners for Visual Health to provide eye care in some of the poorest communities in Central America.

"It was a privilege to volunteer with an amazing group of people and provide much needed eye care to such a grateful, underserved community," says Dr. Zimski.

el salvador eye care

Partners for Visual Health, formerly known as Friends of ASAPROSAR, is a non-profit, charitable organization, run by and consisting entirely of volunteers with a 30 year track record of providing vital no cost eye-care services to low-income residents of El Salvador.

The organization includes medical professionals such as ophthalmologists, optometrists, anesthesiologists, technicians, and nurses, as well as medical interpreters, and non-medical volunteers all of whom donate their time and skills during an annual one-week visit to El Salvador. A typical eye-care mission will include approximately 60 medical and non-medical volunteers.

el salvador eye care volunteers

Partners for Visual Health works with a local organization, Asaprosar El Salvador, to find those in the most need.

"I wanted to give a shoutout to both of these organizations for the amazing work they do to bring vital, no-cost eye-care services to low-income residents of El Salvador," added Dr. Zimski.


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