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Bringing Expert
Dry Eye Care to the Denver Community

Custom Treatments & Individualized Care

Changing the Approach to Dry Eye Care

With a commitment to offering the safest and most effective treatment options in the market, Dr. Zimski provides patients with a  comfortable and accessible solution for chronic dry eye.

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Getting to the Root
of Dry Eye

Abandoning the industry standard one-size-fits-all treatments, Dr. Zimski’s individualized approach uncovers the underlying root cause of dry eye for better results, maximum comfort, and targeted relief.

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Dr. Zimski prioritizes quality time with patients and intentionally creates a collaborative, distraction-free environment to actively listen, diagnose and treat each patient’s dry eye condition at its root.

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Modern Solutions for Mile-High Elevation

Denver's natural climate and elevation can further complicate the body's natural hydration, including eye care. Beyond the one-size-fits-all solutions saturating the industry, Dr. Zimski adapts the latest in dry eye technologies and treatments to bring a comprehensive, step-wise approach to expert dry eye care in the Mile High City.

Introducing a Different Approach to Dry Eye Treatment

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Meet Dr. Lauren Zimski

As an experienced ophthalmologist,  Dr. Lauren Zimski spent years treating patients suffering from dry eye. Dissatisfied with the limitations and lackluster results of industry standard treatments, Dr. Zimski looked to cutting-edge technology and the latest in dry eye solutions for a more effective and comfortable treatment for her patients. She is now excited to bring these innovative solutions to patients in the Denver area.

Hear What Patients Are Saying...

Dr Zimski is a warm approachable and very extremely competent professional. She returned my call on a holiday weekend before I became her patient to be sure that I wasn't having a retinal detachment. She's a wonderful physician.

- Vickie

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