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VEVYE: The Different Cyclosporine

Updated: May 15

Dry eye disease (DED) is often linked to ongoing inflammation and if left untreated, can cause symptoms like stinging, burning, or blurry vision. Chronic DED can even make everyday tasks like reading or using a computer difficult. 

VEVYE (pronounced vee-vye) is a prescription-based, twice-daily eye drop that was FDA approved in June of 2023. 

So what makes VEVYE different from Restasis and Cequa (also cyclosporine eye drops)? 

VEVYE is water-free and is instead dissolved in a semifluorinated alkane (which is similar to Miebo). This allows it to spread evenly over the surface of the eye and penetrate better. There is no pH or osmolarity, which leads to much better tolerability with most patients experiencing no burning with installation.  

In fact, I’ve had no patients discontinue it because of side effects, which is amazing!

Results I’ve Seen First-Hand

VEVYE: The Different Cyclosporine

VEVYE will give chronic dry eye sufferers a treatment option that starts working within two weeks, unlike Restasis (which often takes months to become effective).  

I have been using VEVYE myself. I’ve also prescribed it to many patients that much prefer it to other anti-inflammatories. They have been impressed with both its tolerability and effectiveness. 

I treat many patients with severe dry eye that struggle with inflammation and have not responded to other eye drops, but have responded to VEVYE. It’s incredibly rewarding to see their symptoms improve after failing to respond to many other treatments.  

Following InflammaDry testing gives us objective evidence and often shows that improvement in inflammation correlates with decreased burning, stinging and discomfort.  

VEVYE gives ophthalmologists another valuable tool to help our patients struggling with constant eye discomfort.  

Ready To Learn More?

If you are one of the many Denver-area residents who suffer from dry eye and want to learn more about VEVYE and other treatment options available, I would love to work with you! You can schedule your first appointment online, or contact us with any questions using our online form. Need more ways to get in touch? Simply call 303-863-


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