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Dr. Zimski Talks Dry Eye & Eye Hygiene on the Moving Forward Podcast

On the mid-season finale of the Moving Forward podcast, I talked with my old friend John Lim about dry eye and steps you can take to treat and prevent it. Click here to listen to the episode on Spotify or click here to go to Apple Podcasts.

Dry Eye and the Moving Forward Podcast

In the episode, John and I talk about how a little eye hygiene goes a long way, about how she's seeing more people in their 20s and 30s who suffer from dry eye. and about how ophthalmologists tend to be nerds.

John Lim's podcast shares actionable tips and takeaways within short, bite-sized episodes covering areas to help listeners move forward in their lives, whether that means starting an online business, writing a book, or launching a podcast.

More of John's work can be found at ⁠⁠


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